Our Products And Services

At Easy Express Cargo, we strive to ensure our clients receive the best in terms of quality service delivery and excellent customer satisfaction by ensuring prompt and speedy service delivery.



While service selection cannot be solely based on cost, the impact of shipping cost on your company’s bottom line cannot be overemphasized. It is common knowledge that volume is inversely proportional to cost. That means the more you ship, the lower your unit shipping cost. This is the beauty of consolidation. Your shipment is grouped with other shipments in order to drive down the unit shipping cost, which we then pass to you. You just give us your cargo, tell us when you want it at the destination, and let us worry about how best to save you money through consolidation.



We are a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) so we know everything it entails to safely transfer your cargo to the airport. Let us be your goto partner anytime you have shipments originating from the Philadelphia area. You to have to have a physical presence here, we are your presence. We will repack, palatalize, shrink-wrap, crate, label, and tender to the airline whenever you want us to. Our facility is within fifteen minutes from all the major airlines so we are strategically positioned for all your cargo transfer needs.



We have trained warehouse employees that will break down your consolidated inbound cargo with utmost care. We will then ship the cargoes to the different house air waybill consignees. Let us know how we can plug into your supply chain to make it a little more efficient.



There are a lot of companies out there providing warehousing logistics and fulfillment services. We know that! That’s why we go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations. We will process your order and ship it out the same day, provided we receive the order information by 3pm on that day. Imagine how happy your customers would be to know that! And better still, can you imagine how this can drive up your positive customer reviews, hence enhancing your goodwill and raising your switching cost? Give us a call now and lets partner with you to drive up sales for your business.